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Individual Tax Preparation Service

Local tax prep services for individuals and married couples. Located in Staten Island and New York City.

Tax Prep Services by Local Professionals

DGM prepares tax returns for individuals in any state and with any filing status. It’s our guarantee that you will get the best possible refund that you can get. We help our clients get their records in order.

We employ account managers, tax preparers, and book keepers.

Own your own business or work as a freelancer? We specialize in tax returns for freelancers and other type of 1099 workers who file a Schedule-C, ensuring that we ask the right questions to make sure you record your expenses and get every possible deduction, helping you lower your tax liability in many cases.

Tax preparation and e-filing can be completed quickly, whether we come and meet with you at your home or office or you communicate with us over the web using password protected documents and secure file transfer.

You can expect a response from us right away and we will begin to gather your necessary information to get your tax return completed and filed in a timely manner.


Remote Tax Prep

Deal with a tax pro from the comfort and safety of your  own home. Available via Google Hangouts for ease of access on any device.

Safe & Secure

We use top-end encryption and e-signature software to make sure you are safe and secure in dealing with us and receiving your tax refund by deposit or check.

Local Business

When you work with us, you’re supporting a local network of tax professionals working remotely to handle tax services for our clients.